Thursday, December 5, 2013

40 Things I'll do When I'm a Billionaire...

Or rich and famous or whatever... everyone has a list of things they'd do or be. I'm feeling wistful so I decided to share some of the things I'd do if I was stupidly rich.

  1. Buy a boat - specifically a kayak. I frickin LOVE kayaks. Maybe two. I could go paddling with friends. That would be awesome.
  2. Pay off my debts - I don't know why this is second, but I guess I just like fun a little more. Still, this is something I'd like to get done.
  3. Buy some land, maybe a few plots in different locations. I REALLY want to build/design at least one house. I think it would be a marvellous adventure, and you can't beat the personalization.
  4. Establish a school and after school program. I show my academic stripes here, but honestly I've fantasized about this since I was in elementary school. I'd like to have something special, for kids who have something to them, whatever that might be (regardless of their economic status).
  5. Invest some money, you know, with the kind of plan that would make the Johnson family look like amateurs (Think 10 generations of wealth as opposed to 5! Beat that with your soap empire!).
  6. And what would I do with that investment money? Take care of my parents for one.
  7. And probably my in-laws as well.
  8. And of course set something up for my son - a trust of some sort that could only become accessible after he had genuinely tried to make his way in the world. Not a drop would be his until he'd done something with himself (the same with any other children should we have them).
  9. I'll hire a publicist who was more than worth her salt.
  10. I'll take dance lessons. A lot of them. Salsa. Ballroom. West African. Belly dancing. Hula. Swing. Hip-hop. I absolutely LOVE dancing.
  11. I'd get Lasik (well, I'd like to get Lasik anyway.).
  12. And with my new eyes I'd take up archery. There's nothing like shooting a sharp-ended stick at a target using a piece of tight string!
  13. I'll get regular massages, waxes, manicures, and pedicures. I believe in pampering.
  14. Go to writing conferences.
  15. Travel to all the places I really want to see, namely China, Ireland, Italy, Southern India, the Yucatan (assuming there's nothing violent happening there), Greece, Alaska, Hawaii, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Macao, Brazil, Egypt (again with the nothing violent business), and New Zealand (There's more places I'm sure, but I think that's a pretty good start.).
  16. Buy a few pieces of commercial property.
  17. I'll set up a foundation.
  18. Of course I'd start a few businesses.
  19. And I'd have to pursue all those crazy ideas I'm always having. I might even have to start a think tank just to research the viability of such ideas.
  20. I'd have to hire some personal staff, including but not limited to an assistant, accountant/financial advisor, and a lawyer. It's always good to have a few extra sets of hands to deal with the mess money makes.
  21. I will STILL be grateful for the wonderful things I have in my life, like my son, my husband, and my cat.
  22. Oh, and I will try to actually learn a couple languages (more than just the few choice phrases I've acquired throughout my education).
  23. I might buy a vineyard because that sounds fun!
  24. I will host nice gatherings where people who are genuine can mingle with other genuine people.
  25. Buy a space for an art and music studio.
  26. Go to plays.
  27. See awesome music shows.
  28. See dance troupes.
  29. Buy a really comfortable mattress.
  30. I'll have a few more kids.
  31. I might buy a horse.
  32. I'll find a designer who can handle curves to design my wardrobe.
  33. Someone else will cut and style my hair.
  34. Take several cooking classes to get a good handle on Asian dishes and bread/pastry making.
  35. I would start a non-profit consulting company that would help non-profits become more efficient/make the most of their resources.
  36. I might go to the dermatologist.
  37. I'll visit amusement parks.
  38. Volunteer at schools and/or local charities.
  39. Start a magazine or a newspaper/site.
  40. Most importantly, no matter what I did, I would always live life to the fullest.
There are other things I could dream up that hinge on obscene wealth (or even just moderate wealth), but the thing about this list is that it still comes from a particular place. Yes there is stuff on this list, but there are experiences as well. There is giving. I hope that should I come into money at some point, this approach to life won't change. Then again, a stack of money probably isn't enough to undo years and years of socialization in compassion and adventurousness. At least I hope not!

What would you do with a bagillion dollars? Leave a comment below!

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