Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Open Letter to Health Insurance Executives

Dear Insurance Company Executives,

I know you have people whose job it is to figure out how to deny coverage. I know your companies have structured themselves to benefit your shareholders at the expense of customer health. I also know, if you don't change your tune, I, along with everyone else you have shafted, will work tirelessly to put you out of business in favor of single payer.

Let me offer you a bit of advice: do something different. I would gladly switch insurance companies if one was out there that was FOR customers. If there was a company that was modelled on social business - and cared for consumers' health - I would HAPPILY pay that company's premiums. I would recommend them to all my friends and family. I would write about how wonderful that company was. I would post videos everywhere on its amazing customer centered policies.

An honest, caring insurance company is what I want...if things stay as they are.

You have an opportunity here. You can change the way you do business, or you can risk death. It has already started with the regulations of the ACA. Single payer is not far behind. If you want to continue making money, abandon your antiquated ways of nickel and diming people. Pursue an ethical and responsible model of business and you might convince America that insurance companies do not have to be the scum of the Earth. You might.

I hope this letter reaches you during the holidays while you are enjoying perfect health with all your family members, courtesy of those profits squeezed from middle class America. You're welcome.

Have a blessed holiday season!

Best wishes,

Alexis Donkin

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