Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Platinum Child Returns

Truth is stranger than science fiction. It is more amazing than fantasy. Life is full of mystery, and I don't mean the "who dun it" variety.

It is truly remarkable what a few small changes can do for a person.

For example, let's say a person decides he or she will go to college. They decide this will be, no matter what. Because they have decided it will happen no matter what, it is impossible for anything less. We, innocent bystanders, watch as they overcome all obstacles easily because they are so committed to the idea that it is already done.

The result? Not only does this person attend college, but they acquire all the other lessons and confidence each obstacle afforded them. How cool is that? But that isn't so outside the realm of the ordinary. We hear about people doing things like this all the time. It is rather normal...right?

With my recent reframing of life, I began to notice where I need a little more development in order to reach my own goals. I noticed how previous habits were not really serving me. It's no wonder that I am working on growing and strengthen areas that need it. It makes perfect sense that I would change my habits.

Of course this takes some practice. The more practice,the easier it gets. All of a sudden one day I will wake up and I will be a completely different person - the person I willed myself to be.

That's pretty exciting.

But the remarkable thing is how I know this is in process. I know it because I have already noticed so many things, not only how I think about the world and my place in it, but reality seems to be working more the way I want it to.

It feels like I got my quantum mechanics powers back, bit by bit. It feels hesitant thus far, like little flickers of control in the smallest moments of kismet. However, the affirmation I get from even these small things is marvelous.

Now you're sitting there wondering how I went off to crazy land. I'm perfectly sane, I assure you.

In my family I was called "The Platinum Child." My father was "The Golden Boy." He was lucky, and I was...well...on another level. Then my luck disappeared. Reality felt like it crashed down and I lost whatever control I had over my fate. It was...a dark time. That dark time has ended.

I know this is true because my "luck" has returned. It started unobtrusively - getting a check for my birthday. Getting flowers. Getting headphones as a gift when I desperately needed them. Then it moved on to other things, like finding the exactly perfect baskets for my son's Christmas present at a price that was laughably low. And then duckies (he loves duckies). And then I found a felt pumpkin (he loves pumpkins too) - the last one from previous holiday decor display. I paid a stupidly low amount for his Christmas presents and got more than I expected I would be able to find.

In a strange twist, my horoscope in the paper is literally talking about the exact same things I am reading on my own time. It is insane. I'm not talking about reading into stuff - I mean the words are the same...all telling me how to change my thought patterns.

The more I look around, the more things I see like this.It has been going like this for the past several weeks. I am so incredibly grateful for this growing trend and I can't wait to see what shows up next. I'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome.

The moral? Thoughts are more important than you realize. Choose them carefully.

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