Monday, March 30, 2015

My Book Launch Extravaganza

Is this the last door I have to walk through?
Thus far I haven't had much success in marketing my books. I have tried many things and none of them have really made a difference in sales. Let's take a look...
  1. Blog tours - after contacting multiple websites (like almost 100) I got one site interested...if I had my book in paper form.
  2. Soliciting honest reviews - no one followed through.
  3. Book giveaways - this only generated moderate interest...
  4. Asking people to talk about the book (friends etc) - no one did, except maybe my dad...and a couple true believers (who I really love for their devotion)
  5. Publishing multiple books in one calendar year - not as much profit generation as you might think.
  6. Guest posts on other blogs - only got one or two to happen.
  7. Goodreads - cut off self-published entries and is not hooked up to any social media so...why?
  8. Connecting with other writers - just a lot of stress from people who are fumbling around just as much as I was
  9. Wattpad - still not sure how to connect with readers here...
  10. Twitter - not really my market for my books so just led to a bunch of mutual following without many sales.
  11. Facebook groups - asking for help...few responses if ANY
  12. Facebook pages - minor interest/reach with few sales if any
  13. Signing up for mentors - none
  14. Asking for mentors in entrepreneur organizations - uh....NONE
  15. Having scheduled blog posts - I have no idea how this influences sales...or doesn't. My following and favorites on Twitter has increased because of this and definitely my Facebook engagement increased. But sales? Hmm.
  16. Getting published in literary magazines or websites - I wouldn't know because even with extensive research on the zines/sites, I still haven't gotten published here. I think this is in part because my stories are too...political and generally dark. No one wants to read about dystopian reproductive rights...says the average genre journal...
  17. Sending book launch press kits to media outlets - zip...and no coverage (This is after I modeled my press kit after those available on line and had people who submit these REGULARLY check them out for viability.)
So you see, I've tried A LOT of stuff. I have. But I never tried a serious launch.

Which is what I'm doing now.

My goal is to have THRIVE, my upcoming memoir/self-help book available for pre-order on Smashwords by May 15 (goal remember...) and outright purchase June 15. Along with this, I plan to have a journal guide/daily meditation book available along the same lines as the book (to be used during or after reading, although it could be stand alone) available one the same dates.

I am being really aggressive. In preparation for the launch, I am designing/building an author website (finally!), revamping my current library (Read: double extra special proofing of text as well as redoing/sprucing cover art AND revamping book descriptions etc). I have a social media campaign strategy which I will be asking for help on (and participants will receive huge thanks in video and the website). I will be developing a press kit and will send this out to all the media outlets I know, and possibly organizations with interests related to the topics in THRIVE.

This is a big deal. I am very passionate about this book because I am doing something with it that I have never done - I am revealing myself. More than anything I've produced, this is important to me and it must do well. It must because through the vulnerability of my revelation, I can help people. Yes, the success would be nice for me, but the purpose of this isn't me. It is about helping people, changing perspectives, and making an impact for the better. I am committed to this, burned bridges behind me, burned the boats...however you want to think about it. Because once this book is published, there are no take backs. It cannot be undone.

And that is scary. And exciting. And thus...I will do something else I have never done - a real book launch.

In the time leading up to May 15 and June 15, I will periodically blog about the process and the book (hopefully will get some guest posts going at a few other sites). I will let everyone know when the website is up (hopefully by May 15). And of course, I will probably have a few videos (hopefully) about the book and available on the website and my YouTube channel (which I've largely ignored to this point).

It's a big deal. It's a big plan with an aggressive timeline and multi-prong approach. It's big. And it's kinda my last shot. It's kinda all of the eggs.

I'm pretty sure it will work. I'm crossing my fingers.


  1. Congratulations on your hard work! Persistence and altering the plan as you learn does work.

  2. Thanks! I feel like this is true and this will certainly be the most concerted and serious effort I've we'll see!