Tuesday, April 7, 2015

THRIVE Book Launch: Week 2

Last week I listed my marketing failures and gave an overview of my next marketing attempt, a book launch for my upcoming memoir/self-help book THRIVE.

I discovered several things last week: delegating is necessary and I might not get done all the "little" things.

When I looked at my launch schedule and weekly tasks, I realized it would be a stretch for me to get everything done. So what could I do? First I asked Christian if he would help me. This was a GOOD idea. He wanted to help me launch the book because, of course, my success is our success. It will benefit our entire family. We went through the different tasks and he chose some he would enjoy and used his talents. They also happened to be things that would take a LOT of stress off me because of the amount of time I would take if I did them (Christian's experience and knowledge set made the same tasks take half the time.).

Then I started on the biggest task of my launch plan - editing and proofing. I decided I would revamp my ENTIRE library. I recognized that when I originally published my novels, especially my early works, I climbed a steep learning curve. I made mistakes. I continue climbing that curve. I make more mistakes. I go back. I correct. That is the biggest piece of this whole process - correction.

And of course, it also takes the longest time. I made it about half-way through my editing/proofing of THE BROTHERS last week. This was in part because it had the most corrections necessary (I hope) and also because I had a lot of family obligations as it was Holy Week. Thankfully, Holy Week is only one week of the year and I don't have any other major obligations during my launch plan. I can, from now on, devote every spare minute to my process.

And I will.

So far, I have completed the following:
  • Developed my launch plan
  • Delegated tasks to Christian
  • Brainstormed potential influencers in THRIVE content areas
  • Half my proofing goal of THE BROTHERS
  • 85% my proofing/editing goal of THRIVE
  • 100% my proofing/editng goal of THRIVE JOURNAL GUIDE
  • Website design/content upload
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Weekly Patreon uploads
This week my plan is to work on the following:
  • Finish proofing THE BROTHERS
  • Finish proofing THRIVE
  • Weekly blog post (check!)
  • Weekly Patreon upload
  • Revamp my book descriptions and update on Smashwords
  • Brainstorm author video topics
I'm confident I can get this done, even while managing a 19 month old. As things are completed, like the website, I will update everyone through Patreon, Twitter, G+, and Facebook with links.

Also, if you, dear readers, are interested in helping me to launch my book, let me know! I will be soliciting social media ambassadors as we get closer to launch (June 1 will be the beginning of the social media campaign). If you want to post to your networks on my behalf with pre-fabbed posts courtesy of moi, LET ME KNOW! Keep it in mind....and I'll keep you posted.

Here's to launch inertia building!

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