Monday, May 4, 2015

THRIVE Book Launch Week 6: Temping

Keep moving. It's all temporary.
Recently I had an epiphany, which is strangely related to THRIVE.

I realized even though I still get freaked out, depressed, or angry, even in the moment I see the experience of those feelings as temporary. Before, I felt bad and it made me feel like the whole world was awful and there was no light. Now I recognize I am reacting to a specific situation, which will pass, and it does nothing to hinder my progress.

Before I might have wallowed. Now I give myself the freedom to feel, accept the feeling, and then move on to do what has to be done.

My core situation is solid - I have my family. We love each other. Everything else is dressing. Everything else is a game. I move the pieces. I try different things. I experiment. I have fun. I get annoyed. And at the end of the day, I come back to my husband and son.

While I haven't been in war, I've been torn down enough to know that I have what really matters in life. I have family, friends, and an extensive support network who surround me with love. In this, I have been extraordinarily successful. And I am profoundly grateful for this situation, and for the epiphany that everything else in life is just fun and games.


That is not to say that my actions don't matter, or that I don't want to have a legacy for my son, or a positive impact on my community, country, and planet. I do want those things.But I am open to how they play out. I am detached from a specific result. I intend to enjoy the ride. I intend to enjoy helping as many people as I can with THRIVE. I intend to enjoy fulfilling the purpose given to me. I intend to enjoy every moment of life, even the angry, sad, or anxious ones. All of these things are gifts. All of them are part of the experience - part of the game.

And it's all good. Truly it is.


It's a bit of a mixed bag, and I feel like last week was a blur. Maybe the stress of the marathon involved with this process finally caught up to me. Whatever it was, I was exhausted all week and had trouble focusing on tasks. That said, I was able to finish the following:
  • Patreon blog post
  • Patreon art upload
  • Regular blog posts
  • Incorporated magicworkers' suggestions into press kit
  • Scheduled a meeting with a "connector" who has a lot of similar interests and influential friends
  • Finished west coast press kit contact database (in hopes of speaking engagements)
  • Reached out to connected friends at several universities
  • Finished revamping LOVERS & RIVALS
  • Determined ideal camera set up for videos
  • Recorded prelim/video tests (need to redo for the perfect ones)
  • 43% revamped LILITH & AMMON
  • 75% done with "influences" page on author website
  • Created "author ambassador" contact form and solicited from friends and other connections.
  • Downloaded fonts for new covers
  • Downloaded grammar extension for word processor
And the plan for this week is:
  • Finish LILITH & AMMON
  • Finish formatting THRIVE
  • Finalize revamped covers for KHLOE series
  • Patreon EXCLUSIVE upload of a short story
  • Blog posts
  • Finalize "influences" page
  • Finalize first video set (especially Patreon ones)
  • Upload KHLOE books with revamped covers to all outlets
  • Upload new covers to website & blog
  • Finalize east coast contact database
  • Have meeting with connector and follow up on any relevant brainstorming/ideas
I think that's it...but I'm a little scattered at the moment. I'm experiencing that temporary feeling of anxiety the closer I get to pre-order day (May 15). In the end, everything will be what it will be...BUT, I still don't want to get caught with my pants down. I know that everything could always get picked and prodded more, and that I just have to let that go. I can't know what people will get riled about, or what will speak to people. I can't worry about it. In the end, it was my life. You can't argue with experience. It was. It speaks for itself. And I can't control what others hear.

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