Monday, September 19, 2011

Prequel or Book 3 - What Do You Do With a Strange Book

I've been going back and forth. How can you have a prequel that has to be read third in the order of a series? How do you title such a strange book? When it has to cover the lifespan of a character, does it move the series from young adult to adult?

The working title, 'Lilith and Ammon,' is enough for now. But these other questions do have to be answered. I feel this book is very much a stand alone as well as informing readers why Khloe's life has gone how it has.

Many say you can't have light without dark, and there is something to that. The three books that follow Khloe however are meant to have happy endings. Things are meant to go the 'right' way, even if the characters aren't sure what that would mean.

However, the reason this is able to be so is much darker. After reading the first two books, you know Lilith and Ammon's fate. But, you don't know the true story. So in an effort to clarify, this book is being written. It is also useful because things will tie together in a way they hadn't previously. Some themes and situations may come back from earlier books, while hinting at things that will occur in the conclusion.

Honestly, I am incredibly excited to write this. The perspective in this book is much more complex. Simultaneously, I know Lilith and Ammon's fate, and the tension that I must build in the book - which is painful. It's not difficult, except that it is painful.

However, I am glad there is still the conclusion to the series to be written, which will be lighter and more action packed. Phew.

I'm telling you this so you understand why I may be a little down for the next couple weeks as I write this. It's in my thoughts constantly. At least I know what I'm getting myself into...
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  1. ending is always right but strange make someone curious...

  2. I don't want to say too much about the book before it's published. I will say that because of the perspective, it has to be read third in the series, even though the story takes place before the first book. At least, that is the plan. :-)