Thursday, November 1, 2012

40 Days in The Wilderness - Java's Walkabout

Well, technically it was from September 16th through October 25th. Still, my cat's time away was close enough to 40 days for the sake of this story.

I think it's interesting it ended up that way, mostly because 40 is a Biblical number. It's the number of years that marks a generation (think: Exodus) and also the time necessary for self-reflection (think: Jesus' temptation desert fun time). Apparently my cat needed some self-reflection.

The odd thing is, when we found her, she had changed. She no longer wanted to sit by the second story window (the reason she got out in the first place). She had no desire to inspect the front door. The cat doesn't even want to play. All she wants to do is sleep and cuddle. She is so clingy, she cries when we leave the room. Wherever we are, she has to be touching us. For example, the other day I was watching some television after work. Java was sitting on my lap. I realized I had to email something to my boss, so I got up and sat in a chair with my laptop on my lap. Java cried for a while, then she moved to the very edge of the bed, as close as she could be to my seat. It was only then she finally fell asleep.

Speaking of sleep, she loves it. But her sleeping habits have changed. Not only does she sleep a ridiculous amount, but she no longer hides under the bed. She has to be with us. She has to touch us.

She also has to stretch out. More often than not, she will sleep in a Superman position, sometimes on her side, other times on her belly. Her front paws will be stretched out in front of her, while her back legs extend behind her like a superhero in mid-flight. It's adorable.

Things could have been much worse. Thankfully she didn't decide to start peeing in corners or eating garbage. Java hasn't decided to start biting or scratching incessantly. A little extra crying is something I can deal with. Regardless of changed habits, my adorable familiar is back, happily purring like a 60s VW engine. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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