Thursday, November 15, 2012

To The Basil Thief

Dear Basil Thief,

I'm not sure who you are. Maybe you were hungry and decided that someone who lived in a Jingletown loft apartment could spare an entire young basil plant. Maybe you were someone who just feels entitled and thought it was easy to steal a plant from its pot.

If it was the first case, I can forgive you. After all, you were hungry and the plant was there and completely edible.

However, I'm pretty sure it was the second.

You rat bastard!

I hate your stinkin' guts for stealing my basil plant! I have nearly a black thumb which barely was able to grow the tomato plants in their current homes. As it is, my pepper plant only has a single GREEN pepper to its measly name. I was proud of my basil plant. You stole it right from under me, while I was at home writing (a very lucrative profession).

So, I hope you enjoyed your basil pesto or your caprese salad at the expense of a poor writer's gardening pride.

Seriously - who steals a frickin' basil plant that's barely 5 inches tall?!


Your Unwilling Patron Gardener

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