Thursday, November 15, 2012

NaNoWriMo is a Slow Go - Starting Andrew

The first couple weeks of November were bad for writing. I mean, really bad. I was struggling with what story to develop. In fact, I actually worked on three different books (beginning ideas that had been simmering) until I finally decided on something that surprised me.


I expected to take a break from my Rollins boys. I've been living in the male persona for months and I thought I needed to get back to being female (or possibly third person). But as luck would have it, Andrew's story is the one that clicked with me.

It might be because football is going strong (I wrote in a Steelers game). Maybe it was because of the ferment that happens during Andrew's book. Whatever the case, I started it and I'm pushing it along. That said, I'm VERY far behind this year. I'm only at 10,000 words and the month is almost up. The question is, can I finish this book before November ends?


If my life depended on it - probably. If I wanted to - probably. So am I going to? You bet your left buttock I am.

I have an entire week off for Thanksgiving. There are no excuses next week (except making my first turkey ever - which will be an adventure in itself).

That said, my fantastic webby friends - wish me luck (and discipline)! I'm going to need it (especially the discipline). And now to get back to Andy...

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