Friday, December 28, 2012

KID FOREVER! Or at least that's how I feel.

This year I did my first turkey for Thanksgiving. We made everything from scratch. It made me feel like an adult as opposed to an overgrown kid.
There's something about going home that always puts me back into kid mode. It helps when there's a generation younger than me present, as with my in-laws. There I feel like an adult - well, sort of.
But I'm 30. I should feel like a grown-up. After all, I am married. I have a cat. I pay rent and bills and even cook my own food. Still, I don't completely feel like what I imagine adults are supposed to be.
It might be the parent thing.
Having your own kid catapults you to a whole new level of adulthood. Anyone without kids instinctively knows this, despite never crossing the threshold. Those with kids often look at us youngins partying it up and think, "Yeah. I used to do that. Now I wipe butts."
Okay, maybe other things come to mind but still - there is a marked change.
And some of us fancy-free-not-quite-adults want to cross that bridge. Some of us, crazy as it sounds, want to wipe butts and get spit-up all over our favorite sweaters. And some of us want to stay kids forever.
To the latter, I suggest reviewing Peter Pan, for reference.

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