Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Champagne for the Soul

Specifically sparkling white wine from Spain makes a woman happy.
I think this has to happen more often.
I'm listening to my writing music while downing a bottle of Cava and it is amazing. I feel 20... Which is pretty fantastic considering that's a ten year difference.
Maybe it's just alcohol in general, but I believe each has its own special flavor. Hard liquor is the kind of thing I drink when feelings are intense. Beer is a drink of friends and live music. Wine is a drink of dinner and sophistication. And then there is champagne.
Yes I know champagne is a word reserved for French sparkle, but let's be a little less anal.
Champagne is beautiful - glittering, rising in a delicate glass. It is the epitome of celebration and happiness. The conclusion is that we, that is everyone, should drink more champagne. Despite sugar contents etc, I'm sure I can make that happen. What about you?

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