Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pregnancy Annoyances: Heartburn

Today it has been bad - well, worse than bad. I've had two periods of time today where my chest felt like it was being eaten from the inside by white-hot flame. Yes, I have the worst case of heartburn ever. EVAR!

I'm hungry almost all the time. I have to eat, so I do. When I eat, I get heartburn. If I recline at all, the heartburn is worse. Mind you, I'm not talking about laying down, I'm talking about leaning, at like a 75 degree angle. It doesn't matter. There's so much acid in my stomach it comes right up, burning holes along the way. Bleh.

The only things that mildly help are dairy substances (milk, yogurt, ice cream etc) or antacid tabs (which I pop like candy). Unfortunately it only takes a few hours before the heartburn is back with a vengeance, tearing up my chest and throat.

Apparently I can thank progesterone for this - so thanks Big P! You're awesome and I hate you! :-D

The thing that comforts me when I'm suffering through the ridiculous pain is the thought that I might get a full head of hair on the kiddo at the end. Apparently women who have heartburn during pregnancy are more likely to have a baby with a full head of hair. I like the idea of crazy spiky hair on my newborn. I think kiddo will look awesome. Though honestly, by the time I'm holding my new baby, I doubt I'm going to be thinking about how much heartburn I suffered during my pregnancy, or how annoyed I am that kiddo has peach fuzz for hair despite my days and days of chest pain from gastric juices.

I'll thank oxytocin for that one (seriously - that stuff is amazing! Thank God for that!).

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