Sunday, May 12, 2013


Well, I started a non-fiction book from scratch (ending today at 4,536 words). This is mostly because I allowed for the possibility of an additional non-fiction word count in my total challenge goal. However it is also because the topic is easy for me to write about - at least at the moment. You see, I'm writing about teaching art.

I'm not exactly sure on the title, and I'm not expecting this to be a huge moneymaker, but I don't really care. Writing has never been about that for me. This is not a how to, although there are elements of that. It's also not a story, although there is a sort of narrative happening. It is more like a collection of essays about my experience over the course of this past year (though it's not really that either).

It feels a bit like a layman's development as a teacher, in addition to an argument for art education, possibly with a close up on low income communities. I'm not completely sure on this last one, but we'll see. There may even be some non-profit moments in there for giggles. I may focus on principles of art as the chapter categories, and then develop them from there, allowing for lesson plans and anecdotes about my time. Just writing that makes me feel like that's the perfect plan. But again, we'll see.

In the mean time, I will try to finish reading LILITH AND AMMON. I thought the reading process would go more quickly than it is. I think it took me an hour last night to read two chapters. Considering I have around 70,000 words to get through before I can start writing, this could be a problem. I wonder how this will end up working when I get to other books I'm trying to complete. How long will this all take me? Will I have sufficiently easy projects to work on (like this one) while I'm reading through the first half of these?

I don't know. It's going to be a test. Of course, in a month's time I won't have my job any more. The school year will have ended and my contract will be up. I won't have to plan any more lessons or prep any more materials. This will give me a lot more flexibility with my day, but it also may make me crazy (and possibly paranoid about my finances).

All I know is, I'm still on target with my daily writing goals and I fully intend to continue this pursuit.

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