Saturday, May 18, 2013

SWC Day 10 & 11: A Second Book Finished

I neglected to update you about LILITH AND AMMON's progress yesterday. Sorry, but I ended up a little busier and a little more tired than expected.

The result however, was this afternoon I was able to finish the first draft! Granted, it is a little shorter than I expected, but I realized when I was originally writing it, I didn't intend it to be as long as the other two books. It is a story, that while complex (and has a predetermined ending), was primarily for explanation purposes.

I am not entirely sure I won't go back and add a few little things here and there to the chapters I added, but I have rewritten the first portion of the book already, so there really isn't much left for me to do. Even the formatting is done. It needs another few sets of eyes to double check some things, but then it's pretty much ready for publication.

I'm smiling. You can't see it, but I'm smiling - broadly.

Now I need to figure out the next writing project I should pick up. I'm wondering if it shouldn't be ANDREW, which I started last fall but never finished. I'm not even sure how much of that book I completed. The other option is my angel/demon book (which I think I have more written than I do of ANDREW) or a third fiction option is a sci-fi/suspense/romance piece I began last fall as well. I think ANDREW and this sci-fi piece have about the same size manuscript stub, so in that case it's a toss up. In both cases, I will need a reading day to bring me up to speed.

Wow, I just feel fantastic about this whole writing frenzy of mine. I had no idea I had so much to work with and so little left to do on so many projects.

I do feel a little silly for putting them off as long as I did. Still, what's done is done. Moving forward is the name of the game. Time to take a serious look at my options. I'll let you know my decision tomorrow. Wish me speedy writing and more awesome book endings!

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