Thursday, May 16, 2013

SWC: Day 9, Reading Day

Because of my crazy night and morning (see earlier post), I figured today was as good a day as any to focus on reading rather than stressing myself out trying to put finishing touches on the art book (finishing touches is the second half of my writing challenge).

So that said, I went from 30 something pages, to page 84 today of LILITH AND AMMON. The manuscript is 99 pages in its current form. That means I only have 15 pages left to read and then I can get the last few chapters written.

This is good. It's been a long time coming and I am eager to finish it. Then of course I'll have to try to cram Book 4 in somewhere this next year (can I make another 8 book publishing goal for July 2014? Maybe yes? We'll see after consulting with kiddo.).

The process of rereading/editing/proofing is good. However a few things struck me as I run through LILITH. I will admit I don't love the book as much as I used to. This is probably because it is a Khloe book and I feel as though my writing and my stories have gone a different direction. Also LILITH is blatantly adult. The main characters have mature concerns that may be beyond the readers who gravitated towards the high school romance of THE BROTHERS.

But then again, we knew in advance that would be the case; that Book 4 would take us back to the more youthful urban fantasy romance of THE BROTHERS with the plot twists and characters of LOVERS AND RIVALS.


Still, I like my wolf boys (THE ROLLINS PACK) and my adult sci-fi/paranormal romances that have taken up most of my imagination as of late. I'm eager to get back to them.

So much to write! EEK! So little time! Good thing I've only got a few more pages to read tomorrow. :-)

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