Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Time to enter to win a copy of LOVERS & RIVALS! I'm giving away 3 copies leading up to a giveaway of BOOK 3 in the series - LILITH & AMMON! Check out the summary below and share with friends who love fantasy!
Going from eleventh grade botany to a Sidhe ruling council meeting isn't a typical course of events for most teens, but it's all part and parcel for Khloe Alwell.

Sixteen year old Khloe had her world turned upside down. Not only has she discovered the Otherworld and her heritage within it, but her family stands in the middle of the ancient and often violent division between Seelie and Sidhe. Now Khloe must struggle to learn the ways of her father's court, deal with heartbroken boys, navigate a strange relationship with her weapons instructor, and come to terms with the truth of an ancient prophecy. She will have to decide whether she will choose to go her own way, or follow her destiny as a leader of the Otherworld.

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