Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pride & Publishing the Short Story

Well I got another short story rejection letter. I'm beginning to think I'm doing too much of a spray and pray method as opposed to surgical strike.

Although this particular one I thought was a surgical strike.

Clearly I was wrong.

Or maybe they just couldn't handle the content.

Now I'm wondering if I should do what I originally planned to do, which was to publish a book of short stories. I almost have enough to make it worth while within a theme of women, children, and family. The question is, is that a good idea professionally?

My guess is no.

So then the question is, what literary zines would print my stories and not require a reading fee? I'm to the point where compensation would be a dream come true, but maybe isn't realistic seeing my "lack of publishing credit." The problem is, I know my stories are good. So I hoard them. I want them to be published in good zines with high readership.

It's a problem.

Perhaps there's a compromise somewhere that I can reach - between my pride and zines. I know it's in my interest to have stories published. I'll just have to figure out who loves my writing enough to risk publication.

And then I'll need to do it another 7 times. Perhaps that would satisfy my publishing goal, even if it isn't whole books. It would certainly require less work than trying to write book 4 in KHLOE or finish ANDREW while jiggling an infant on my knee...or at least I think that's true. This is all theory at this point. Sheer conjecture.

And like all theories, these beg to be tested. So let the studies begin!

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