Monday, September 30, 2013

Writing with a Baby

First, I'll apologize for letting this go a little in the last week. It was my first week home alone with my newborn, so you'll have to give me a little slack.

As such, I'm discovering trends in his day, which means...I am discovering the times I'll be able to write and how long I'll be able to write.

Don't misunderstand. Babies are infamous at throwing monkey wrenches. They might be doing really well in church and then all of a sudden you have poop sprayed across your skirt, shirt, and baby carrier and need to race home to get a change of clothes (because of course you forgot to bring extra). That happens (It happened to me yesterday!). However, there are, as I said, trends.

Fortunately babies like to nap, even as they age (well until they turn two I guess). They tend to have naps around the same time each day (or in our case, kiddo sleeps for like 18 hours a day and is awake and alert for the other 6 - 3 blocks of approximately 2 hours). So between changes and extensive nursing sessions (and my own very necessary naps) I have the option of disjointed writing sessions.

This is good. This is really good. It means I may actually be able to finish ANDREW and book 4 of KHLOE by late spring (and maybe even earlier if I'm lucky). The idea of having a series finished and another half way done is really appealing to me. And doing it with a baby is possible...and adds another level of gratification to the process (mostly because it creates an additional challenge to the process, and I love challenges).

I'm not sure when I'll start to really pursue a writing routine, especially as we're moving in a few weeks along with all the changes on a regular basis with a newborn. I'm expecting some new daily goals will come out...followed by some more regular blogging. So maybe by Christmas?

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