Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Climate Change and Haiyan

I feel prophetic, or psychic,...or at least really intuitive.

Let's go with really intuitive.

I'm in the midst of finishing my Khloe Alwell series and the last book is going to be full of all kinds of things - love, betrayal, war, politics, and prophecy. Beyond this however, it is about climate change and the effects humanity has on our environment. It's about the inevitable backlash we'll receive from natural forces - from Earth.

If there were Sidhe in this world, or under a veil somewhere, they definitely would have caused Sandy. They definitely would have caused Haiyan. And these would only be the beginning.

And the call of Filipino leaders to a council of action to address climate change is the kind of thing humanity needs to do, will have to do (and will do in my series) if there is to be any hope for us.

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