Saturday, April 19, 2014

For the Love of Qwerty

Why oh why are all the keyboards gone?! For some idiotic reason the designs of cell phones these days have removed keyboards except for the "old people model" (you know what I'm talking about).

This is the STUPIDEST thing ever.

First of all, I hate touch screen keyboards. Why? Because I can't FEEL what I'm touching except for that annoying vibrate feedback. Yelch. I also don't feel comfortable using 2 thumbs on a touchscreen (Does this make me old? Probably...sigh). Inevitably what I intended to press doesn't read as "pressed" and something completely unexpected occurs. It's super fun.

Beyond this, however, touchscreen keys do not work well for me - I don't just mean pressing the wrong spot. I mean I don't have enough blood in my fingers. Literally they cannot always register my fingers on the screen. If I have to use a touchscreen keyboard, I will live in an endless circuit of frustration (thanks phone companies!).

My husband also has problems with touchscreen keys. He has good circulation. So what's his issue? Why can't the screen register his fingers? Callouses.

Just like some people will always buy paper books, or records, keep a classic option like the QWERTY KEYBOARD! I love feeling the buttons click as they press into the board. I love how I know EXACTLY what button I pressed and what letter will show up on my screen. I love how my keyboard never takes up a third of my screen and how I'm never a slave to it when viewing webpages or apps.

So, HTC and Samsung, SOMEONE - do an ANDROID lover a favor - make a few REAL keyboard options that don't suck giant hairy ones. Thanks a bunch!

Love, Your Neighborhood Hipster

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