Tuesday, June 2, 2015

THRIVE Despite Loss: One Woman's Story

Yesterday an amazing person left this world. You may have met her, or maybe not. Anne was the kind of person who made friends everywhere because she did so much with every moment of her life. She did so much, helped so many, and was a model for living. She was a school nurse who was so important and irreplaceable, the school called her out of retirement. She volunteered at her church for her entire adult life, doing jobs no one else would do. She worked at a thrift store where all the proceeds went to people in need. She drove her shut-in friends around for errands. She made sure they had everything they needed, including love. She gave of her self and her resources to the community and also to her family. There was never too small an act. There was never too little material. There was never too little time.

She was and did all these things despite one major hole in her heart. She experienced the kind of loss from which it is impossible to ever really recover. In her prime of life, her family was halved. This loss, I knew, was never far from her mind and yet, she lived. She was a blessing everywhere she went. She was powerful and generous and gracious and good.

She was a superhero. Truly.

Everyone has those kinds of moments - of loss, abuse, poverty, emotional turmoil, spiritual crisis, or relational disconnect. They happen. They happen to everyone in one form or another. And when these moments happen, we can stay in that moment and stop living. We can wallow. We can spiral down. That is one choice.

The other option is to choose life. We can live fully, completely, every moment. We can give of ourselves. We can immerse ourselves in our communities. We can be a light in a difficult world. We can be superheroes.

While this process starts with a choice, sometimes it is hard to understand the next step. That is why I wrote THRIVE, not only so anyone would know the choice was theirs, but so they would have a model for how to transform their perspective, and therefore, their lives.

Do not let loss cloud your heart. Do not let an attack continue to hold power over you. Do not let walls prevent you from being who you were meant to be. You can be like Anne, the amazing woman who continues to leave her mark in the lives of those she touched. This is what I wish for you, to live fully no matter what you encounter in life. You can do it. You can thrive.

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