Monday, February 25, 2013


Now the mystery and the distraction makes sense, right?

We wanted to wait until we heard the heartbeat thumping away to be absolutely certain. And now we've made it to 12 weeks, heartbeat going perfectly, so it seems as good a time to tell the world as any.

At this point the risk of having problems (aka loss) is so low, that it would be rather unexpected. Frankly if something did happen from now on, I'd want to talk about it anyway, so... either way, it makes sense to confess my present state.

That said, look forward to posts about morning sickness, the trouble of naming (in real life, not just fiction!), unsolicited advice, natural birth and more.

I am SO glad I can finally blog about this. It's been tough being mum (badum cha! wink wink)!

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