Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Praying to Porcelain or Perpetual Sickness

I don't know about other women, but I was completely misinformed about most aspects of early pregnancy.

I had this idea that the first major sign of pregnancy would be vomit - lots of vomit. After all, that's what happens in the movies - and all television shows where a woman is pregnant. Let's forget the fact that your breasts enlarge and become stupidly painful, or the strange changes in hunger and food preferences. No - let's skip right to vomit.

Of course that's not how it happens.

Up until week 6, I felt awesome. Granted, I wasn't sure what foods I liked (literally, couldn't tell what I enjoyed anymore, but that's another post). Honestly, I couldn't tell I was even pregnant. I thought my 3 home tests were lying to me. Even when my menses conveniently forgot to make an appearance, I still didn't believe.

And then at 6 weeks a switch turned on. I became zombie like. It was as though I was reliving mono - I easily slept 18 hours per day. When I was awake I did almost nothing because I was so incredibly exhausted.

But sleeping isn't so bad.

Playing "Hunger, Heartburn, or Nausea?" on the other hand sucks. I say sucks because it CONTINUES to suck. Since week 6, I've had a few days (maybe the equivalent of a week spread over the course of a month an a half) that weren't plagued by constant nausea. Of course, my nauseated days were interspersed with nights where I woke up and lost whatever happened to be in my stomach. Sometimes this included the remains of my dinner, or the water I drank before bed, or nothing but horribly acidic bile.

The fun thing is not knowing when I'll pay tribute to the porcelain god. Days will pass where I feel amazing - almost pre-pregnancy normal. Then suddenly I'm back to the worst case of nausea and vomiting several times a night.

Luckily ginger tea and high protein snacks do help, but they aren't any guarantee that I won't be making a sacrifice to that pale plumbing deity.

My last hope is my nausea will disappear once week 14 rolls around. Cross your fingers and I'll keep my hair up (just in case).

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