Friday, March 15, 2013

Pregnancy Mania!

This week I've been driving Christian crazy. This is because after months of incredible fatigue, I suddenly had an intense amount of energy.

After taking 3 naps daily for 3 months, I wanted to take walks, organize, clean, and get things done. I made him help me clean up the little plot of dirt in front of our place. I made him help me get free bricks from a generous woman in Glenview (70 free bricks is a whole lot better than paying for them!). Then I placed them. We went to Ikea to get storage ideas and Home Depot to figure out what plants we want in our little plot. I even went to the beach and collected drift wood to decorate our stoop.

The level of energy feels a bit crazy when compared to the lack of energy I had just last week. It is dizzying and wild and feels more intense than the energy level I had before becoming pregnant. That said, I can't say I'm complaining.

In fact, I love how much I've been doing this past week. It feels like I'll actually get some things done before the baby shows up. It feels like so many of those goals that were put on hold because of fatigue and nausea may actually be realized.

I won't count on this high level of energy daily. Today for example, I did take a long nap and I did have a weak stomach. Still I know the bad days are fewer and further between the good. That is definitely something I can live with.

Thank GOD for the second trimester!

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