Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's in a Name? Stress.

Let me first say this...


I have named many a character in my novels and stories, but that comes easy compared to naming a human being.

Naming a character is easy. You think about the plot of the story,  the character's life, the kind of person you want readers to see in their minds and then BOOM! Named!

Naming a human being is different. You can't choose a last name (well you could, but your spouse might kill you for it) which limits your options immediately. You don't want bad initials like STD or TIT. You have to think about potential nicknames - like Dicky or Zippy. You have to think about meaning. I mean, who wants their kid's name to mean cheeseball (I don't know if this exists but I'm sure there is an equivalent somewhere!)? You have to think about potential sibling names...

Oh, and of course you have to make sure your spouse likes it.

Christian got to pick the boy first name and I picked the middle name. We're good if it's a boy.

I had a girl name picked out but then saw how frickin popular it was and freaked.

I'll be honest. I hate it when someone living shares my name. I hate the fact that a girl in Australia shares both my first and last name (we don't talk about that). But keep in mind, I also love my name. I love the way it sounds and its meaning. It is a minor reason why I chose to keep it after getting married.

I want no one to have my kid's full name. I want very few people to have their first name.

The idea of junior and "the third" does tug at my consciousness in an ironic way, but I have not for one second seriously considered copying a name wholesale.

So I'm in a quandry. For yet another sleepless night I have stayed awake searching for the girl name that calls to me and I'm not any closer than I was before. I know, it may not be an issue. I may have a boy. And honestly, with the stress of coming up with a short list of girl names, I'd prefer it. At least I'd know what to call the little bugger. I even have some boy sibling names picked out. But girls? We're doomed. Absolutely doomed.

I've asked for suggestions from people which led to some possibilities but nothing stands out. I'm waiting for one to shine and feel good on my tongue and make sense immediately the way it was with that popular name...but it's not happening. Not yet.

And I'm getting nervous.

The question is, did you have difficulty finding a name? What did you do to solve your dilemma? And of course, suggestions are welcome but don't be hurt when I don't choose yours. I make no promises.

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