Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Walking Fertility Goddess

I didn't know.

As someone who studied art for years I have seen the statues and read the speculated reasons for their creation. Worship of a mother goddess early in human history was a supposedly popular thing.

But seeing the large round bellies and enormous breasts seemed to be hyperbolic. No one looks like that, I thought.

Ha! Boy was I wrong.

Of course people look like that. Pregnant women look like that. Sure, I'm not sporting an ass or thighs like them. I'm not quite as squat. But when I look at myself in the mirror, my belly pushing out and my breasts swelling to new and frighteningly large sizes, I see the resemblance.

Before I didn't connect these statues to beauty. I thought it was antiquated and strange.

Now however I understand their beauty. A pregnant woman has a special beauty. Sure, she may be flushed, have stretch marks, pimples, rashes, and waddle when she walks. But these things don't matter and in point of fact, contribute to her beauty. She is engaged in the most glorious thing a woman can do. She is creating life. She is as close to the Creator as a human can be in her body. Other people cannot but defer to her as she persists in this sacred act. Yes it is the most a person can be aware of their body, but it is also a spiritually connecting thing.

So when you see a pregnant woman waddling around, recognize her for what she is - a walking fertility goddess with all the beauty that entails.

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