Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Second Trimester Exhaustion and Other Lies

People need to stop lying to me. Seriously. The websites, the preggo books, and people need to stop saying things that are complete falsehoods.

They said the second trimester would be a jam-packed energy fest. They said it was supposed to be comfortable (conveniently neglecting to mention swollen knees and nightly leg cramps).

Whaaaaaaa?!?! LIARS!!


To be fair, I did have a lot more energy until last week. Now the exhaustion is coming back. I've got 3+ weeks before I hit trimester the third. You'd never know it, because those things I was informed would be third trimester issues are happening now.

The exhaustion means I sleep all morning...practically every morning. The swelling means I can't stay on my feet very long. Weeeell when I sit down I kind of don't want to get up again...or write...or anything at all. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm thirsty or even hungry (though hungry might win over tired if I wait long enough). The tiredness is overwhelming.

It's no wonder Christian is worried I might be anemic. I'm sitting now...I might have to take a second nap today. This is a problem. It's making my goals much more difficult to accomplish. Gaaaahhhh! Good thing I only intended one more fiction book as part of my writing goals. Otherwise forget it.

I don't know how some women work full time with this stuff going on. I don't know how some women exercise religiously throughout their pregnancies. If I get anywhere close to my goals with writing and exercise I'm proud (and simultaneously disappointed but...what can I say? I'm competitive.).

I may have to ease up on myself. I may have no choice. Pushing myself til I'm about to collapse isn't an option. It's just not. So instead, I'll take it down a notch again (sigh) and hopefully continue a steady stream of work and exercise in the last few months of pregnancy.

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