Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SWC Day 15: Writing is Just Not Happening

Okay the preggo problems are seriously hampering me now. I was only able to get to 41,160 today, which didn't even bring me to yesterday's goal of 42,169. Eek!

I'm just sooooo tired. I'm exhausted and I just can't get into ANDREW's story. Maybe it's because it's depressing at this point in the book, or because I know too much about what needs to happen (I hate that - I like the revelation of a story rather than having it all planned.). I'm leaning towards a combination of these factors.

Of course, the leg issues I've been having are certainly contributing to my writing problems. This sounds strange I know, but let me explain. Most writers have a space they use consistently to work. It helps keep writing and life separate. It helps us get into a groove. I prefer to write downstairs at my dining room table, which isn't conducive to putting my legs up. I have to put my legs up to combat the swelling and leg cramps I've been getting. It's much more comfortable for me to be on my bed, propped up by my Snoogle. When I sit on my bed like that, it makes me succumb to my exhaustion (You see the vicious cycle here, right?).

I'm not sure what to do here. I need to keep pushing myself, but I think 4500 words at this point is too ambitious considering my current situation. Should I dumb it down to 3000? 2000? What do you think? Leave me a comment or mention me on Twitter with your thoughts! I need to keep pushing myself to finish this book, but I also need a goal that is achievable, otherwise I'll get discouraged and may just stop (which is NOT an option for me at this point).

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