Saturday, May 25, 2013

Top Ten Best Things About Pregnancy

Since I've been having a poopy-pants week (this is a technical term referring to mood and general wellness, not the state of my actual pants) I decided to make a post about things I like in pregnancy. So what's so great about being preggo? In no particular order:

1. People do things for me. They volunteer to do things for me without being asked, sometimes even things I *could* do for myself, though I can't do much, so this is not just nice but sort of essential. Like lifting or moving chairs, holding doors, or sweeping. Pretty much I can sit back and delegate all essential tasks to others. Oh, by the way, I need a foot rub and a virgin strawberry daiquiri. Thanks!

2. My husband babies me, like literally. This is sort of an extension of number 1. While I don't want to overwork him or take advantage, it's kind of nice to have him cook breakfast and dinner regularly as well as clean the tub. And even though I think it's a little weird, I even like him painting my toenails. And slathering me with sunblock like I'm 5. The occassional backrub is pretty sweet as well. :-)

3. People don't expect much from me. I guess this is the flipside to the above, but it deserves its own time in the sun. I can sit down at work, I can sleep any time, I can cry in the middle of the mall and its fine because I'm pregnant and I get a pass! So all those things that are awkward and make me feel like a toddler, yeah, those are acceptable (of course you start crying when you're hungry - you're preggers!). The best thing about it, I'm cute when I do these things, not annoying. Sweet!

4. I can nap any time. Yes, it does get inconvenient when I'm sleeping 18 hours a day, but normally I can't sleep just whenever. This is like a special near narcoleptic superpower that I just can't ignore. Bright fluorescent lights? Screaming children? Excessively loud car stereo blasting gangsta rap? Mini rave light show with lasers and strobing lights? Epic thunderstorm? Creepy horror flick? No problem. 3, 2, 1 - SLEEP!

5. Curves are good. My belly, boobs, and ass are good things. They're encouraged. People worry if they're too small. FOR ONCE AMERICA YOU KNOW WHAT'S UP! Thank you! I will now proceed to wear a tight-ass shirt displaying just how big my baby-bump is. And you will take my picture saying how awesome my body is. Oh yeah!

6. I can eat. I'm not an emotional eater, but I do love food. I really do. It's nice to be able to order the additional side without feeling guilty, just because I want it. Plus, people don't judge me when I do. They encourage it! So when I eat as much as my husband or more, it's okay. Really. Pig out!

7. Food tastes WAY better than normal - like nearly orgasmic. Seriously. It's really amazingly wonderful. I find myself savoring every bite, even when I'm wolfing it down. I will actually miss this. It means even bland things are incredible. Who knew puffed rice cereal could be so fantastic?!

8. I have detective levels of smell. I can pick apart exactly who was where and for how long when I'm in a place based on the smells. I can tell you if something is wrong with your car, or if some recipe isn't right based on smell alone. Yeah, I'm like a wolfgirl that way. So cool.

9. People call me beautiful to my face even when I'm fat, greasy, and exhausted. It's often called "glowing." I can have zits, bags under my eyes, and be totally flushed; it doesn't seem to matter. It's so nice! Definitely going to miss that one, especially the few months after birth. Sigh.

10.  Nesting mania is AMAZING! I love that stuff! I want it ALL the time! If I had nesting instinct going 24/7 I might die of a coronary, but I'd also be more productive than Martha Stewart! Her party favors would have NOTHING on mine. And I've figured out how to feed the hungry, world peace, and crochet. Just saying.

Being pregnant *definitely* has its perks.

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