Saturday, September 10, 2011

Get a Job? Stop Being So Self Righteously Retarded

Somebody told me recently to get a job. What an asshole.

Here is why anyone who says something like that is a jerk and needs to take their judgemental bull and have it rubbed roughly in their face.

It is true that some people aren't really trying to work, but they are few and far between. Let me explain just how few and far between they are! One of my sister-in-law's friends owns a pizza shop. She put up an ad for a busser or something equally skilled - she got over 400 applications. Right. 400. Applications. For. A. Busser???

I am a skilled person. In the Bay Area I got a total of three interviews during the 9 mos I lived there. Since being in Bakersfield, I've gotten 3 so far (what a change - only 2 mos!). One of the jobs here I was offered. It pays a measily 10$ an hour, which for California is just north of minimum wage. I took it because I need the money, despite the fact that it doesn't speak to my skill set, nor does it pay me what I'm worth. It's a bad fit personality wise too, but again, I need the money.

So lucky for me, I was in a place with awesome skills, that I could get a job that was beneath me. That's something I can feel good about, because it isn't sucking my soul out daily or degrading to my personhood and keeping me from doing what I really want to do.

But I'm a lucky one. I keep telling myself that. I'm lucky to have this situation, right? It's a good deal...

There are people out in the world in a 1000 times a 1000 worse situations. There are people who are underemployed with no second income. There are people who can't get even a crappy job at a fast food joint. I don't know how they keep going, but they do. They are amazing to me, determined and beautiful as they trudge through the muck life has given them. I don't have the grace for that. I'm not strong enough. I'm kind of wussy that way, I'll be the first to admit it. But just because I don't have the absolute worst dalit conditions doesn't mean I can't appreciate how ridiculous it is for someone to tell me to "walk it off," so to speak.

So, if you're one of those people struggling and someone has the gall to tell you to suck it up and get a job, or grin and bear it, do me a huge favor. Punch that asshole in the nose and explain to them in no uncertain terms, they have no idea what the shit on the ground is like when they're looking down from their high horse.
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