Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hopeful Things Get Better - The Best Escape Is Writing

Well 3 days is ridiculously short to sell a house, but you know, it does happen. Actually, the financing will take a little more than a month and a half, but still... it is going through remarkably fast.

It makes me think we should have priced it higher.

Oh well.

Still, the thing gives me hope. We have been struggling along with so many things lately that it feels like a huge weight is off our shoulders. Except of course, I'm already going onto the next thing. There's a storm and a fire in Tehachapi, you know! That's the kind of logic I use. It's flawed, I know, but it is mine.

Yet even with my goofy nervous logic, I still have hope. I have it when I read the positive feedback I get from other writers and readers about my work. I have it when reviewers say good things. I have it when I get another follower. Hell, I have it when I get to use the internet. But best of all, the world falls away when I am writing. There is nothing of my present struggles in that. The sky could fall, the earth open up, and WW3 break out - but I wouldn't notice. The story is everything. For a moment, it becomes my life.

That might seem strange and a little crazy, but I am after all, a writer. Aren't we all that way?
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  1. don't even think about the house price... if you had priced it higher, they may have thought it was too high and not bid or made a much lower bid. you can't know so don't give it a thought