Friday, August 3, 2012

Belief - The Biggest Step to Realizing My Goals

I've become obsessed with achieving my wild goals. I say they are wild because they require a lot of directed energy to make them happen. Becoming obsessed seems like a good idea. How could I realize wild goals without thinking about them regularly?

The result is I have begun spending time on each of these major goals daily. I have begun to see how they all fit together and how they can happen. When I couldn't see the possibilities, I doubted, which was dangerous. Now, I see the options available and I know I can turn my goals into a reality.

The things I want really are very close at hand.

I've been writing a lot, researching publicity tactics, and figuring out numbers. Most importantly, people closest to me have been amazing - telling me just how great I can be. They see it in me. They believe and they tell me. This was a boon, because for a long time I didn't believe in myself - not really.

Now, however, things are different.

The single biggest change was me. It's true it took me a while. I was slow on everything. But cocoons break eventually. Thank GOD for that, because otherwise we'd miss something spectacular.

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