Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SWC: Day 8: Back on the Saddle

Phew. I did it. It was a lot less painful than I expected. Thank God for lesson plans, because that is honestly what saved my writing goal today.

That said, I didn't get my reading goal done today AT ALL with LILITH AND AMMON. This is a MAJOR set back. Part of this was because I socialized a lot more than I expected today (as well as sleeping in a lot longer than I wanted to - but apparently it was necessary).

So, the rundown: Yesterday I ended with 12,045. I should have ended up at 13,555. If I had met my goal, my daily goal today would have taken me to 18,055. Ahem. I brought my total word count up to 18,158! BOOYAH!

I feel pretty good about this.

For the most part, I feel like this little book is done. It's not finished, but it's done (if that makes any sense). There are a few places that could be fleshed out a bit more, but I don't know how much content I'm going to add as far as prose is concerned. For the most part, the remaining pieces of this book will be resource centric. A lot of pictures are going to be added. Templates will be attached. Websites will be suggested as sources for various information that I found to be helpful.

With only a few more anecdotes in each chapter left to add (that might cover one more day of writing goals) I feel like it's ready to move on. The problem is, I'm not sure where I should move on to...

LILITH requires some serious reading time and my dear hubby is not too happy about putting up with me sitting at my computer every night (it keeps us from watching shows that we both like to watch). I've only finished about a third of the reading I have to do, which means I have probably 3 days of required reading at least.

That said...can I put off my daily writing goal for 3 days so I can finish my reading? Is that okay? I feel like it might have to be.

In other news, I realized something crazy today.

Remember last year how I mentioned I wanted to have 8 additional books done or published by July of 2013? Yeah. This writing challenge, if I can hack it, will take me to that point.

So far, so good. I intend to fulfill my goals.

Good job subconscious for pushing things the direction I wanted to go! That's the power of goals people! Even if it was a crazy whim in a moment of wishful thinking - this is proof dreams can become reality. Or at least, your brain will determine a way of turning it into reality, which to me, kind of feels like the same thing.

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